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Unclaimed Money - Unclaimed-Money.comCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEUnderstand this…your unclaimed money is just going to sit there until you (up to your death) or your next of kin comes to claim it.

This web site is for anyone who wants to know the truth and proper way to search for unclaimed money and property. You are about to discover what took me months to accumulate and develop into a web site which has been thriving since 1997.

That very same week, a friend dropped by to take my old couch off my hands. I told him how I had found money for my parents and was probably overly excited to show him how to use the same technique and skills I had uncovered to search his name.

When I first started searching for unclaimed money, I couldn’t understand why I had to spend so many hours (actually months) combing through the multitude of web sites charging on a per search basis, then making phone calls, then going back to other web sites, which lead me to "dead links", which made me feel like I was just spinning my wheels and going nowhere fast.

Though the process left me exhausted from all the time, grief and effort spent, I was lucky (if you call persistence lucky) enough to stumble onto shortcuts to ensure the site I was searching was the states official unclaimed money web site and would show me the complete databases for all possible claims in a particular state. Along the way, I also discovered that all unclaimed money sites are NOT created equal and many (most) of them only contain a small fraction of actual claims waiting to be made. It’s true, sites like foundmoney.com and cashunclaimed.com do NOT carry all possible claims.

One site I ran across even called themselves the "official unclaimed money web site". What a joke! They were indeed an unclaimed money web site, but just like the others were incomplete and somewhat misleading. The truth is, there is not one central database for finding funds. As inconvenient as this might be, you can understand that we as a people can barely get along with our neighbors, much less ask all our state governments to work together to come up with a central database. The dream is not dead, however to date, it simply is not possible. However, I can show you the most thorough way possible to find your claims using what is currently available.

I noticed so many users like yourself are using sites like those mentioned above, believing they were the "end all" for unclaimed property searches. I can only imagine how many people believe they do not have any funds coming to them because they used these sites without success and wrote off the possibility that a claim was coming to them. This could not be farther from the truth. These sites barely tap what is really out there waiting to be claimed.

Regardless of what other people were doing, I knew I didn’t want to waste my time or money searching sites which did not contain all possible claims. After my shortcut discoveries, I felt sorry for Internet users who were getting duped into paying on a per search basis because I had discovered a way to search over and over again at no additional costs. This discovery allows me (and you if you choose) to search ALL POSSIBLE CLAMS from one compact unclaimed money site for easy access to all state offices. I knew I had stumbled into something awesome and I wanted to tell all my friends about it. So I did just that! I now know I can show absolutely anyone how to do this and do it the right way without all the hassle, without all the wasted time, without the frustration I had to spend finding my parents money. Wouldn’t you like to know how I did it?

You see, after finding money for my parents and uncovering the jackpot secrets to finding hidden claims and knowing the joy of doing this, I have been able to repeat this process over and over again without fail.

My belief is all Americans should know how to do this correctly so they can search at least once a year as new funds are added. You deserve to have this cash in your bank account!

Here’s the skinny…currently, Uncle Sam is squatting on over 35 Billion (with a “b”) dollars of unclaimed money, property, stock, cash and more. You don’t have to be a math genius to see how much interest the U.S. Government stands to earn on 35 billion dollars. (By the way, estimates have been as high as 40 Billion, but I am being conservative. Either way, it’s a boat load of money.)

Is it any wonder the government makes it incredibly difficult to locate and retrieve money that’s rightfully yours? One state has even been caught trying to balance their budget with your unclaimed money. It’s not legal, but they were doing it.

The U.S. Government might send a letter to the wrong address or last known address. Or run a few tiny classifieds in the back of a newspaper. But Uncle Sam will not deliver your unclaimed money on a silver platter. If you want it, you’ve got to go get it.

That used to mean a lot of time and effort on your part. Hours of research and digging in the local library. But not any more. I’ve created this site to level the playing field and make it easy to located and retrieve YOUR unclaimed cash.

When I first started searching for unclaimed money, I hacked through miles of red tape. I got the run-around from practically every government worker I talked to. In the end I finally received MY FAMILIES MONEY, but the process was ridiculous, and I am certain most users experience the same pains I did…

So I decided to build this site… Read more…

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