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The ONE Thing Women Crave In A Man

The ONE Thing Women Crave In A ManCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEWhat if I told you there’s ONE THING – just ONE THING – that makes ALL the difference so women INSTANTLY notice you, feel deep, gut-level attraction for you, and NEED to be with you?

And when I learned that ONE THING way back in 1999, I was able to quickly overcome my heartbreak, loneliness and confusion, explode my confidence, become that man women adore and completely transform my dating and love life.

Becoming that man also helped me land a job as a Flight Attendant where I was surrounded by gorgeous women every day.  And my beautiful work colleagues shared with me EXACTLY what they think and feel about men, love, lust and sex.

Best of all, I’ve been able to EASILY attract my dream girl and make her fall madly in love with me … 

… AND become my wife! Imagine … You’re in a bar with your friends.  Suddenly, the most gorgeous woman you’ve ever seen walks in.  She’s making your heart thump in your chest.  Just looking at her is exciting you so much, your head is spinning.  

The boys notice her too.  In fact, ALL the guys are eyeing her up because she’s so hot.  And as your friends – and all the other guys – stand around and check her out, you fearlessly stride up to her, extend your hand to shake hers and say Hi.  

You talk to her – confidently, effortlessly, smoothly – and before you know it … She’s laughing and giggling like a 16 year old school girl, touching you, smooching up to you and giving you "The Look!" And within minutes, you’re kissing so passionately, the security have to come over and tell the two of you to go get a room!  BOOM … Just like that … EASY! Sound too good to be true?  I used to think so too.  Because for me, it wasn’t always like this …

Man, I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the heart.  It’s so painful my chest feels like its being crushed by a ton of bricks.  

And I feel like a chicken with no head and don’t know whether to jump in my car and chase her or sit down and cry like a baby.

Over the next few days the heartache gets worse.  I can’t eat.  I can’t sleep.  I can’t focus.  I’m devastated and heartbroken and I slip into the depths of misery and despair.

I try to win her back by showering her with flowers and chocolates, and writing poems and love songs.  I beg her again and again to take me back, "Come on baby, I love you so much.  I’ll do ANYTHING to prove it to you, just give me another chance." But it’s no good.  No matter what I say, no matter what I do, NOTHING WORKS!   So naturally, I hit the town with my friends, trying to find someone new to ease my pain.  And like so many of us, I’m one of those guys who stands around checking out hot women, instead of being fearless and making a move to meet someone I like. I stand around with the boys, trying to look cool, HOPING beautiful women will be interested in me.  But no matter how "cool" I think I am, they just don’t pay me ANY ATTENTION!  (Sound familiar?)

Can you relate?  Have you ever done any of these things as well? All the beautiful women I tried to meet just gave me that Eww Look and told me to "Get Lost" or "Fuck Off!" That just made me shit scared of hot women and I turned into a shy, nervous, stuttering wreck whenever I was around someone I found attractive.  To be honest, I’d been like that ever since high school.  It just got worse once I started suffering all this rejection and humiliation. But I started to think that some guys just "have it," and others don’t … And I honestly thought I didn’t "have it."  In fact, I thought I must’ve attracted my ex by accident seeing we met when we were still teenagers and she was my first real relationship. So if you feel like you don’t "have it" … or if you turn into a shy, nervous wreck … or if women don’t pay any attention to you … or if you keep kicking yourself for not having the balls to meet the women you really like … I know how you feel, that was me too!

You ever seen this happen as well? Anyway, in that moment I had an epiphany … I realised, if an average looking, out of shape guy like him can attract the hottest women in this club, there has to be a SECRET.  And if there’s a secret, it means ANYONE can learn it!  

So the very next day, I jumped online and started searching for answers (internet 1999 = sloooow).  I sifted through a few websites – mostly shit, but a couple of good ones. That’s when I was lucky enough to stumble on a site where I met my mentors! That website introduced me to a couple of the most successful dating coaches in the world.  And my mentors taught me how to behave and communicate with women the RIGHT WAY … So they couldn’t help themselves … So they automatically found me attractive!

And honestly, it blew me away!  (Man, after all these years, I STILL get super excited about sharing this.  It’s so cool)!

… Well that ONE THING, is simply … THE ALPHA GENE Huh?  What’s that?  I can hear you saying.

Here’s what I mean … Just like females in the animal kingdom, women are attracted to Alpha Males on a primal, instinctive level.  And they can’t resist their primal instincts – nobody can – they’re too powerful!

And we’re all endowed with powerful sexual urges so our own genes as well as our entire species continues to exist.  We’re all hardwired to reproduce!

These 2 purposes are natures ultimate survival mechanism and they affect every single one of us on the most basic, primal level.

If we take Apes as… Read more…

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