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The Goldfish Method – – The Goldfish Method

The Goldfish Method - - The Goldfish MethodCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEI know this might sound unbelievable at first, but I’m going to show you a technique called the ‘Goldfish Method’ that will completely change the course of your life.

It’s a secret that took me from being too poor to eat… to earning over $102,000 in less than a year!

Can you imagine how your life would change if you could simply decide what you want to achieve … and then create that success in your life almost like magic!

You can use this method to if you want to blast past your co-workers in the office. Imagine the pride and satisfaction you will feel when you suddenly become the one who has everything under control…

No more missed deadlines … no more procrastination … just a huge smile on your face as your co-workers look on with envy at the recognition you’re getting.

What would it be like if you had a strut in your step and a gleam in your eye as everyone at work starts looking up to you as a LEADER and as a ROLEMODEL.

Many people have used this method to finally quit their day job and start their own business. You will be able zero in on EXACTLY what you want out of life, and head straight for your goals like a homing missile!

You’ll be able to take all those incredible ideas you’ve had, and finally transform them into reality! No more disappointing failed attempts … Just the immense pleasure and feeling of self-worth that comes from a finished product that you built with your own hands.

While many people like to use this Goldfish Method in their home life, or in their workplace … you can actually even teach this method to your employees or family members!

Imagine how great it feels when OTHER PEOPLE around you are achieving their dreams! And imagine how good you would feel being able to help them make changes in their lives too!

It seemed like I was living life in a circle. I’d wake up… work a job I didn’t like… go home… only to do it again the next day.

I’d come up with some great new scheme or business idea, put a bunch of effort into it… but then see it all fade out and nothing would come of it.

There was something missing in my approach. Like I had all the pieces, but I never had the whole picture.

And in the back of my mind where I didn’t want to think about it… was this nagging feeling that I was never going to achieve my dreams. That I was just going to be a failure.

But she didn’t just leave … she walked out the door with all of my savings. Everything that I’d saved up in the last 10 years, gone in an instant.

I knew I was no good! … Stupid, stupid, stupid Alan… I can never get anything right! … Why did I even bother?

I fell into a deep, deep depression. I felt like all the hope in life had been beaten out of me… and left me a sobbing wreck on the floor.

Without any money, I was forced out of my apartment. The only place I could live was a tiny corner in the basement of a run-down building.

There was black mold EVERYWHERE. I felt like I could barely breathe… but there was literally nowhere else I could go.

I didn’t even have a bedroom wall… All I had was a sheet hanging from the ceiling to mark out my “room”.

Every time it rained the floor would flood… and the water would soak into my cheap single mattress.

I just wanted to curl up in a corner and give up … and I honestly didn’t think I would make it through.

So I promised myself that I would give it one more go. That I would invest 12 months in turning my life around. And if that didn’t work … well that was it for me.

I decided that within 12 months, I would be back on my feet … and I would be earning six figures – more than I had EVER earned in my life!

I read The Secret. I read The Law Of Attraction. I listened to Tony Robbins and watched motivational videos on Youtube. I followed all the advice and did all the exercises…

But nothing changed. I was still broke and stuck in my soggy hell. I was completely at a loss on what to do next…

It was a chance encounter on a bus. I was reading a book by Napoleon Hill, and the man sitting next to me spoke up:

“It’s not going too good. I feel like no matter how much I put this stuff into practice, it never seems to make any difference in my life.”

“Ahhh…” said Dave, “and I bet I know why. I’d say it’s because you’re missing the most critical component!”

I tried to go back to reading my book, but my heart was racing and I couldn’t stop thinking about what he said. Who the hell was this guy? Was I really missing something so critical?

We met at a downtown coffee shop. I spotted Dave in the corner… and I felt this strange sense of peace descend on me.

“So you’re having a little trouble achieving what you want in life,” he said. “Tell me what you’ve tried so far.”

I told him all about the goals I’d been writing, the positive affirmations I’d been doing, and the plans I’d been making.

“But let me ask you a question. Does it feel like you’re just living life in a loop? That you’re trying all these things but you just end up going in a circle right back to where you started.”

Dave smiled. “Right now you’re living life like a goldfish. Your whole world is… Read more…

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