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Success Classics Secrets Success Classics Secrets – Success Classics Secrets

Success Classics Secrets Success Classics Secrets - Success Classics SecretsCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITE“Finally Published the Timeless Success Secrets that Have Inspired Generations on Achieving the Life of Their Dreams and …They Will Work Also for You, Even If You Never Thought You Could Become Successful!”

Sometimes life is really strange … about two years ago a friend of mine, knowing that I was (and I’m still) a passionate for success and motivational books, made me a special present: two old and rare books dated back beginning of the century. At first sight they seemed the first two volumes of a much larger encyclopaedia. The title was intriguing: "Pushing to the Front". My friend urged me to read those books. Then you know life … busy with job, with family, etc. etc. So I left aside the two books and practically completely forgot them.

Recently while I was putting in order my home office (… strongly pressed by my wife …sorry again honey for the mess …) the two books came out again as they wanted to look at my face and say: "Hey you: Don’t forget to read me!" or … "Timeless success secrets contained here, why don’t you read me?"….

I opened the first volume and started to read it. I think that has happened to everybody at least once in their readers’ lifetime: reading was so interesting and so capturing that I didn’t go to sleep at all that night! … and I even continued to read the book throughout all the day after!

In my opinion these two old books are really the best existing Success Bible. They can be considered the first Success Encyclopaedia of the modern times. Absolutely incredible. I’m still amazed how books written in the early 20th century are so actual today! … and contain wisdom and messages really timeless.

Wanting to thank my friend, I immediately phoned him and apologize for not having the time to read the books before. How stupid I was!

He revelead me that the editor was the original editor-in-chief of the famous "Success" magazine and to find nowadays original copies of these books is practically impossible as they are rare and hard to find. He further explained me that there are some reprinted paperback editions around but often they don’t preserve all the original content as the two originals volume that he gave me.

As I am a skeptical guy, at first glance I didn’t completely believe to my friend. Then I started to look at the various online bookstores and I discovered that infact is nearly impossible to find original editions of these rare success manuscripts. After several time spent looking for the original versions, at the end I found one (but not both volumes) and the seller was asking more than 150 $ for it! (…and the book was even in bad conditions!). Finally after long, long searches I discover one original in perfect conditions. The antiques book shops owner explained me that it’s a rare edition and he cannot sell it for less than 320 $!

It’s a 7 Part e-mail Course sent out to you every other day. You will get timeless success secrets revealed and discover why so many modern day motivational writers have been inspired by early 20th century valuable works on Success.

You’ll get your first lesson instantly so you can obtain immediate benefits on applying to your everyday life the tips and secrets contained in this mini course and promptly get all that success that you deserve!

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Later on, during a dinner I shared with some of my friends the contents of the book. Seeing that I was so enthusiastic, one of them asked me if I can lend him the book for a while.

After few days he phoned me back and the first words that he pronounced were: "This book is amazing, it’s truly amazing" where can I buy it? I replied that it was a rare edition and quite difficult to find and that I was extremely lucky to get an original edition with its precious content.

At the end this story repeated way too many times … and the book started to be deteriorated … so an idea came to my mind: why not digitalize and re-publish it and make it available to everybody? I then talk about this idea with my wife and …she promptly asked me:

Why don’t you share with others all your private secretly guarded list of old and rare manuscripts on success, motivation and law of attraction?

So I decided that I couldn’t let all these success secrets remain forgotten forever and I made my best effort to resurrect and make available the best of the best of my list and name it the "Timeless Success Classics Secrets Collection".

Easy to do? Not at all! I spent an immense amount of time in order to understand if it was even possible to get the rights to re-publish them. After having contacted a legal consultant and then an attorney, I finally got the green light to digitalize and re-publish them.

"Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds."

Each of these success classics is jam-packed with secrets and timeless wisdom. Some of my friends said that getting these masterpieces is like to get a "Clear Path to Success". I completely agree with them as the teachings offered are amazing especially if you think that they have been discovered, outlined and written nearly one century ago.

Probably now you are thinking: "Why do I need these resources?". There are so many self-help and motivational tapes and books around, why properly these? Maybe you don’t know but almost all the modern success and self-help writers of today have been inspired by these early works.

Take for instance Orison Swett Marden. He is considered the Grandfather of… Read more…

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