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How To Use Meditation to Create Unlimited Financial Abundance In Your Life – Mindfulness Training

How To Use Meditation to Create Unlimited Financial Abundance In Your Life - Mindfulness TrainingCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEMaybe you’re worried that you won’t have enough money when you retire, or you won’t be able to afford health care, eat quality foods, or live in a safe, comfortable place.

Have you said, “I can’t afford it” so many times, that you’ve unconsciously gotten so comfortable with your struggle that its turned into a “scarcity mindset” and you don’t know what to do about it?

Oprah Winfrey to CEOs, to world-class athletes, to actors and musicians, even your next-door neighbor is doing it.

Whether you’re a beginner or a long-time meditator, I’m sure you’ll agree, the time-honored practice of meditation holds the key to changing your world from the inside out.

There is more scientific proof coming out everyday proving what eastern cultures have known for centuries….

Meditation helps focus and clear your mind and allows you to un-stress from an ever-increasingly complex and technological world.

Studies show how meditation and mindfulness practice enhance your mental agility and attention by changing brain structure and function so that your brain processes information more efficiently and coherently – qualities associated with higher intelligence.

Meditation relaxes your muscles and organs, and un-clutters your mind and gives you a mental vacation that totally rejuvenates your mind and body.

Studies show, without a doubt, the practice of meditation can relax you, focus your mind, change your emotional and psychological nature, improve your relationships, lower your blood pressure and bring you peace of mind.

So I walked over to a phone and picked up the receiver and looked at the keypad. To my surprise, my fingers suddenly started dialing the number!

Because my body practiced dialing the number so many times before, it knew the number by heart. My body acted unconsciously – it was smarter than my brain!

Did you know that by the time you’re 35 years old, 95% of who you are is a set of memorized behaviors, emotional reactions, beliefs and perceptions that function like unconscious automatic programs?

Since 99% of what goes on in your mind and body is unconscious, those behind-the-scenes programs are responsible for most of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

It turns out that just being aware of the unconscious programs that are running your life is the first step toward changing those mental habits and patterns.

And when you’re able to notice the programs that govern your life, you can make better choices for your future.

So what’s the best possible way of becoming aware of your conscious and unconscious thoughts and emotional reactions?

1. Start out by becoming very aware of your body and breathing – relax 2. Identify and clear old negative emotional patterns 3. Quiet the mind using a focus technique 4. Dive deep in the field of pure awareness or the gap between two thoughts 5. Clarify your goal – in this case it’s financial abundance 6. Practice creative visualization as if your goal has already happened 7. Be grateful

Your body doesn’t know the difference between an experience in life and one that you fabricate by thought alone. Both will produce chemicals in the brain that produce emotions.

The other day I was dreaming about a tropical vacation. So I clicked YouTube and dialed: Tahiti Vacation.

The high definition quality of the video almost made me feel like I was there, all I needed was a Mai Tai and the smell of salt-water breezes.

But my point is… that you can create the emotion in your body by simply thinking about the experience, or in this case watching a movie.

And if you repeat these emotions and associations of relaxation and pleasure long enough – they soon begin to create your future realities.

First of all, in this crazy world, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. We could all use a little less thinking.

In no-mind meditation, your brain waves shift to the Alpha state, and you enter a deeper level of consciousness.

You’re able to really tune in to the ground of Pure Awareness or the gap between two thoughts – you enter into the Source of Being or Creativity.

In this refined, fertile state, your mind is ready to receive new impressions and ideas, and your creative imagination expands and becomes inspired.

In order to feel what abundance is like, you want to make your body FEEL as if you were already experiencing that reality.

Let’s start objectifying it and really turn up the volume until you see yourself wearing the shoes and sitting in the chair of a multi-millionaire!

What would your posture look like? What would your facial expression be like? Can you emotionally tune in to who you would become? Imagine how grateful you’d be?

Imagine waking up in a luxurious million dollar condo overlooking the ocean. You feel the marble tile under your feet.

You feel the coolness of the water as you swim in your private pool. You see yourself surrounded and imbued by luxury.

You might imagine the smell of expensive perfume or a bouquet of roses. Try and associate what the fragrance of luxury or wealth might be for you.

Maybe it sounds like an expensive sports car, or the sound of your powerful yacht as you approach your million-dollar condo.

When you create situations over and over again in your mind, your body reacts chemically as if it’s already happened.

Whenever your brain works differently – you’re changing your mind. But it takes repetition to change a habit.

If you can remind yourself every day for 30 days, of who you’re going to be, you’re literally installing new neurological programs that match your desired intentions for a new experience.

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