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How To Smash Your Mortgage – eBook – Phil Strong

How To Smash Your Mortgage - eBook - Phil StrongCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEAttention Home Owners With A Mortgage: Do not accept that your mortgage must be a permanent fixture in your life… get rid of it forever!!!

Discover How These Amazingly EASY And Yet ADVANCED Methods Will Help You SMASH Your Mortgage In Record Time Without Restricting Your Everyday Spending.

(Dont try this if you want to live poor and grumpy forever, and certainly dont try this if you are happy to have a mortgage when you retire.)

Dear Frustrated Home Owner, What would you do with YOUR money if you didnt have to pay it to the bank each month? Come on, Im serious! What would you be able to enjoy if you did not have to make that payment each and every month, possibly for the rest of your working life?

If you dont want to be one of the unfortunate souls who ends up with a 40-50 year mortgage then youd better take note of what Im about to say.

Why listen? Because Im going to show you how you can become totally debt free, no mortgage, no other debts, and no more mortgage payments which will allow you to make other choices about what you spend your money on. Youll be able to buy a new car if you want to, visit the family in other parts of the world, educate the kids, or support the community you live in. And you can do all of this without the stress of refinancing your home or buying a $3-4,000 software package. But I get ahead myself… let me introduce myself and tell you my story, let me tell you how Kathy and I were able to pay our house off by the time we were thirty years old.

Kathy and I were married in 1996 and quickly settled into our first home. Sure, we had a mortgage on the house, we were on one income, but we made do. Life was great. Mortgage interest rates at the time were over 11% so I was keen to get ahead and prove to my new wife and her family that I was a smart cookie. I asked my bank how I could reduce my mortgage faster and they gave me their best advice (which I will share with you later). We faithfully made our payments each month, careful to limit our spending and do what we could to make our home a little bit better. (It was through this I learnt how not to decorate!)

After the first year we got our first statement in the mail, I was excited at the thought of how much progress we had made. I tore the envelope open as Kathy waited with the bottle of champagne to toast our celebration. What I saw made me mad, smoke literally poured out of my ears and set the fire alarm off. (Not really, but it describes how mad I was!) In those 12 months we had paid over $14,000 to the bank and our mortgage had reduced by only $1,000. Yep, I was gutted. You could hear the deathly silence as my heart momentarily stopped beating, then ear-popping-like thunder as my heart raced and my blood boiled. This is not acceptable! I screamed as Kathy drowned her disappointment without using a glass! Over the next 6 years I made it my mission to find ways to beat the system and uncover the strategies that would get rid of our mortgage as quickly as possible.

They all thought I was nuts working hard to pay off my mortgage. These days its me whos laughing while they all pay thousands of dollars to the bank while I spend my money on my family and their dreams!

And what I did worked. Speed forward six years and I cant find the words to describe to you the feeling I had the day I received a phone call from my bank manager. Thats it, said Glen, transaction completed. Your house is officially mortgage free. What a milestone; our personal family home was completely debt free. Can you tell its a moment in my life Im proud of?

But most importantly I began to teach others what I had learnt. What was the point in keeping it a secret? I sat with families at their kitchen table and shared what I had done to annihilate my mortgage. And by doing this I found that others were able to make the same progress and get rid of their mortgage too.

Is your mortgage killing you (financially or literally)?? Im going to show you how to knock a huge chunk of time off your mortgage term so that you will be stress free, in control, and on your way to a life making yourself richer, and not the guy who owns the bank!

Youll be relieved to hear that you, too, can have access to what I learned and what has helped hundreds of other families. Ive jammed everything I can think of into a book that you can use to develop your own pathway to financial freedom. And that book is here for you and you can start reading it in the next 3 minutes.

This book will help anyone with a mortgage to get rid of it and find the freedom that comes from getting rid of the annoying monthly payments. You dont have to refinance your house. You dont have to spend up to $4,000 buying a program. And you certainly dont have to be a Yale graduate to understand it. I took all the techniques and ideas I created from the stories of the people Ive helped over the last ten years. This 64 page E-Book is crammed full of practical ideas you can start to use right away. Ive spent my entire working life studying people and money, and now you can benefit from my years of research. Im incredibly proud of what this book offers. Why? Because I… Read more…

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