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Above The Ego – Join Us On The Path Of Evolution

Above The Ego - Join Us On The Path Of EvolutionCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEThe question "HOW TO BUILD THE PERFECT RELATIONSHIP ?" Has always preoccupied humanity. From poetry and literature, through Hollywood films and guides to the "as-if relationship" to the countless online relations sections – all of them tried to provide us with the magic formula for a happy couple life.

There is a special method that deals with the DISTURBING FACTOR and returns the love into the life of the couples.

So what is that disturbing factor Which hinders us from getting along with our chosen one, and turning the relationship into what we have always dreamed of…

This book presents a method that adapted to the Nature system and its laws, and based on the integral approach. According to this approach, the couple learn to know and understand each other and reach the depth of consideration, connection and fulfillment. Emotion, reveals to them as a spring, a source that fills them with pleasure and love that can not be filled in any other way.

We are so busy with what we want from our relationship and what we get from it, that sometimes, despite our love for our partner, we forget to check what he really wants.

In today’s fast and furious world, we spend a good deal of time trying to satisfy our various desires. Good restaurants, sex, shopping, relationships, career, and control are just some of the things we crave for. And there is no problem with that. Well, maybe there’s one problem: a little after we’ve achieved what we’ve been chasing, we already want something else, more interesting, and so we’re starting a new race, new excitement, until the next pleasure.

Relationship… This principle does not skip it. If at first, when we just met, sparks flew between us, we were in love up to the roof and our partner seemed us at least as our twin soul, so slowly this feeling begins to wane. Suddenly, it seems to us that he begins to want more for himself and to take less account of our desires, but in fact, the partner serves only as a mirror for us, to the ego that develops between us. If we could take a quick look into ourselves, we would discover that we both are looking exactly for the same thing, that is, the maximum benefit for us.

The solutions presented in this book originate from the integral education system – a method based on the Nature laws and teach us the way to create a true and mutual relationship between us. Those interested in learning these things are advised to take part in a series of lectures and workshops to familiarize them with the integral system that connects people, and in the workshops for reveal the ego and the ways to transcend it, in order to reach the right relationship with themselves, with the partner and with the entire system.

The couple must be aware of the destructive ego that exists between them. The same ego that breaks up any good relationship by pushing each one to be interested in satisfying only his personal desires. The problem is that the recognition of the ego as the root of all evil is immediately forgotten from the heart, and the feeling of alienation takes over the relationship. Therefore, both partners have the responsibility to maintain constant vigilance and to deal regularly with the cunning ego, and thus they will ensure a life of a couple "like in the movies."

According to this method, friendship and marriage are an influence and love that aims to connect the man and the woman to a one whole. Only by combining separate and opposite elements can harmony and wholeness arise.

If we want to raise our relationship on the major route, we must discover between us the love, the renunciation and the sharing. Couples who are able to base their relationship on a higher purpose than their own, begin to feel how they transcend the conflicts that exist on the material level. They realize that the greatest gift they can give each other is the same good attitude and mutual consideration that lead to common development. This wonderful process helps to build a happy couple life, and even gives their relationship a deep and true meaning.

The Connection Circle is a uniquely structured round-table workshop experience that can be done in both online and physical settings, led by certified Connected Wisdom trainers to open a space between participants where collective common intelligence flows. The Circle Method style of roundtable workshop has its roots in the ancient Jewish format of the minyan. The Connection Circle employs the cutting-edge Circle Method with its unique participant interaction guidelines that open wellsprings of collective insight for creative solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. The Connection Circle is the ultimate peacemaker, making possible the discovery of consensus in diversity and unity above deep divisions.

It is no longer a secret that we live today in a very special time, the world around us is changing at a very fast pace, and a lot of crises in many areas are happening to us. Some define the current situation as a total crisis, in economics, society, culture, ecology, but these crises do not stay outside our home. , They affect us all, they enter our home and also where we experience a crisis in the connection between us, in relationships, between parents and children, in our workplace.

Everything changes, especially in our communication form.Today, we are witnessing countless media communication forms that ostensibly connect us, social networks, mobile phones, etc. seemingly connected online, but in reality disconnected, they find it difficult to establish real, non-virtual social connections with people. In addition to the technologic development, also us, human beings developed and became much more individuals.When I was the young child we live in a small house all brothers in the same room and sometimes with grandma and grandpa and everything was pleasant. We used to play in our backyard all day long… Read more…

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